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Fees & Policies

Centre Charges

  • Full days only, (Minimum of 6.5 hours) no sessions.
  • To confirm a place on the waiting list, a non-refundable deposit of $40 is required.
  • $57 per day, or $270 for full week.
  • 20 ECE hours (3 years plus) are structured as follows:
    - One day, charge is $31   
    - Two days, charge is $62 
    - Three days, charge is $93 
    - Fourth day, charge is $141 
    - Fifth day, charge is $183 (full week)
  • Payment of fees is to be kept a week in advance and is due on invoice. Please set up an Automatic Payment for this. You will be invoiced every Monday for the previous week. Any automatic payments made during the week will be shown on the following weeks invoice. If you wish to pay monthly you must pay in advance, not in arrears.
  • Bank details for Little Einsteins is as follows: ANZ 06-0301-0244703-00
  • Non-payment of fees for four weeks, with no arrangements made will result in your child's place being reallocated to the next child on the waiting list.
  • Non-attendance at Little Einsteins without notification will result in your child being removed from the Centre roll. You will also be liable for the following two weeks as your notice period.
  • Should we deem it necessary to involve a debt collection agency to recover fees, the full debt collection costs will be added to your account and be payable by you.
  • Opening hours are from 7am to 5.30pm. You choose the hours that your child arrives and leaves, (minimum of 6.5 hours), but these can only be changed with two weeks notice, due to strict staffing ratio requirements.
  • Casual (extra days) will be taken on a case-by-case basis, if we have a vacancy at that time we may be able to assist, on consultation with the supervisor of the appropriate area.
  • Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea will be provided UNLESS your child has an allergy or special needs that require an alternate diet, in which case we request that parents provide all food for the child. Breakfast can be brought in by parents but must be within our healthy eating policy.
  • Booked times must reflect attended times. If your child does not attend the hours booked, the office will review your booking. There is some flexibility in this, eg: we are happy for you to pick up early on occasion, as long as your usual attendance equals your usual booking.
  • Late pick up charges are as follows: $5 for five minutes after 15 minutes outside of booked pick up time. $10 per five minutes outside of our Licence Closure time (5.30pm).

Standard Policies Overview

  • Although we do not shut over the Christmas and New Year period, we understand that many families are able to take a break at this time, and offer you two weeks fee-free. Dates are confirmed by October each year. Statutory holiday dates (outside the closedown period) will be half charge. Please see the office for confirmation.
  • All holidays outside of this time will be charged at your normal fee. There may be up to two other planned closures for 'teacher-only-days' annually and you will be given at least two months notice of these dates to find alternative care for your child. These two days will also not incur any fees.
  • Statutory holidays outside of the close down period will be charged at half your normal daily fee.
  • Sick days will be charged at your normal daily fee. Please do not attempt to bring an unwell child into the centre. This causes distress to the child, time needed by staff for nursing purposes, and passing of viruses to other children resulting in inconvenience for many families.
  • Any child who is assessed as being unwell (by Supervisor), or has a temperature of 37.5 or more, will be required to go home for the duration of their illness. Parents or caregivers must be contactable at all times whilst their child/children are in our care in the event we need to reach you regarding accident or illness.
  • Children who have suffered from any illness that includes vomiting or diarrhoea must be kept at home until 48 hours after their last symptoms.
  • Children requiring antibiotics should be kept at home until they have been on the treatment for at least 48 hours.
  • All children requiring rest and sleep during their time at Little Einsteins will be provided with a quiet room and their own bedding. Parents are expected to provide information that includes children's usual sleeping routines.
  • Any complaints should be directed through the Office to Jo, the Centre Manager. These will then be dealt with through the correct channels.
  • We are very happy to support your efforts to toilet train your child. Please however do not leave this entirely up to us, and ensure your child has had some experience and success at home prior to them being expected to manage this important milestone at Little Einsteins.

Policies Under Review

We review all of our policies on an annual cycle. We encourage your input and your feedback - feel free to read and comment. Policies below are currently under review: