We deliver quality early childhood education and care

How do we learn?

Early childhood is a time of huge developmental variables for children. Our highly skilled and qualified teachers are focused on 'knowing' each child and their family, and working at the speed of the individual child to instil in them a disposition to learn, a curiosity to question their world, a confidence to be creative with their methods of obtaining answers. The outcome of achieving this is emerging from Early Childhood Education a confident, competent learner, ready to go forth on the next step in their learning journey.
You may even be unaware that you are contributing to your child's development of essential skills on an everyday basis at home, for example, when your child helps you to bake a cake or cook the dinner, or even to grocery shop, they are embarking on maths exercises. They are measuring, counting, weighing, comparing, exploring shapes and sizes. They are experiencing literacy - they have your grocery list to view as you tick off the items to buy, or the recipe book that you are reading from. The 'what' and 'why' questions that they are asking about the activities you do and they way that you answer all form essential parts of their literacy journey.
When you dance together, you are experimenting with rhythm, with different body movements and are dipping into both Physical Education and the Creative Arts. In the bath, you have the opportunity to explore science and maths concepts - filling containers with volumes of water - checking out whether different objects will float or not. When you do the gardening together, your Science is coming out, the discussions you might have about the plants, the comparisons of different bugs, the rich discussions this can create are all cementing themselves in your child as they begin to understand their world utilising sensory play. It is based on this principle that our teachers are able to facilitate experiences that children are perceiving as 'play' and make it purposeful, optimising the learning that is happening parallel to the play, and extending this to the next level of understanding and development.
In the eyes of the Education Review Office, who regularly visit and audit all educational facilities, Little Einsteins is "Very Well Placed" to promote positive outcomes for children. As the highest praise that they allocate, we are very proud to be the recipient. Some of the comments that they make regarding our 'teaching and learning' are as follows:

  • Literacy and Maths are effectively integrated into all aspects of the programme.
  • There is a focus on inquiry and investigative skills in science, technology and the arts.
  • Trusting and reciprocal relationships among teachers, children and parents/whanau promotes a seamless transition for young children to school.
  • High levels of mutual respect are evident in interactions between children and teachers.
  • Teachers use positive guidance and support to foster the development of social and cooperative skills.
  • Teachers reflect on their own practice and share knowledge and expertise.
For a full copy of the latest ERO report, see this on our website.

Many parents and Whanau of preschool children are largely unaware of how 'learning through play' actually looks. Check out this series of photographs that make the different types of learning more visible, as in Early Childhood, we do not employ tick sheets or national standards to measure our children. You will see photographs similar to these in the assessment we provide for each child, their 'portfolios', and explanations of how your child's activities relate to their unique learning journeys.