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Meet the Staff

Our Manager- Jo - BMid, Grad Dip Tchg ECE

Blessed to be the mother of eight darling children, my husband Craig and I built Little Einsteins based around what we wanted for our own children. Five of them have now attended and given our programmes and teachers a thorough test drive, and have moved on to school as happy confident little learners, so we know we've done a great job along with our awesome teams! I love teaching your children and moving around the rooms, as a midwife in a former life, I have to confess to especially loving spending cuddle time in the infant room as a favourite, but all the age groups fascinate me! I love photography, cooking, reading, travelling with my family or spending time together at the beach. With such a large family, opportunities to be together as ten are very special and precious.

We sincerely believe that we are the privileged group, teaching 0-6. We get to work and play with the children during their formative years – the time when their brains are doing the most growth, and get to put in all that fantastic, positive stuff that sets them up for a wonderful journey through formal education. Together with Craig and our incredible teaching team, I am passionate about providing the best care and education for your child, and I look forward to spending time with you as part of our Little Einstein's family.

Vicky - Office Manager

Hi Families. I am Cambridge born and bred, and live here with my husband Shane and my three beautiful daughters. I have a background in administration, working in my husband's bricklaying business, and I am enjoying working with all the children and families at Little Einsteins. I love spending time at Whangamata with my family and in my spare time I'm an avid reader. I am happy to help you with any of your enrolment or administrational queries, and am referred to in the office as 'she who knows everything', so you can test that theory! :)

Jade - Contract Professional Learning - Btchg ECE

I am the Mum of four gorgeous children and after being with Little Einsteins since its early beginnings, I left temporarily to enjoy maternity leave – and am thrilled to be back! When I'm not focused on your infants and toddlers, I love camping and outdoors and spending time with my family. I am passionate about working alongside infants and toddlers as they explore and make their discoveries about the world around them, and delight in the privilege of being a part of enriching their early experiences through responsive and reciprocal interactions. I have extensive training in the area of challenging behaviour, and enjoy being able to support teaching practices to mirror individual children's needs and create harmonious teaching and learning environments. 

Introducing our Teams!

Introducing our fantastic teams, the Kiwi team are a group of infant specialist teachers, passionate about infant care and development who will nurture your precious babies up to the age of two years old. At this time they hand over to the Tui team, who enjoy the masses of milestones and development of independence that two and three year olds specialise in! When it's time to start focusing on getting ready for school, the Pukeko team take these children under their wing, and embark on our second-to-none transition to school programme, ensuring that your child emerges from preschool a confident, competent learner, for great outcomes on their primary learning journey.

Our teams are 100 percent qualified to ministry ratios, however we operate on smaller teacher to child ratio to ensure quality programmes and excellent care. You will enjoy meeting our fantastic support staff working alongside these teaching teams.

Kiwi Teachers

Abby - Team Leader - Registered Teacher - Btchg ECE (on maternity leave)

Kia Ora, my name is Abby.

I have lived in Cambridge majority of my life and currently live on a farm. In my spare time I like escaping to the beach and finding new camping spots/bush walks to explore with my partner Ricky and dog Arlo.

I love developing special bonds with your precious little people to ensure they feel happy, secure and comfortable while they are here. I like to encourage children to explore the natural environment and use natural resources where possible, letting their imaginations take charge! I enjoy working with children using art and music to support them in expressing their thoughts, ideas and feelings and most of all to have fun! Letting children have responsibility over their own creations helps them to feel a sense of empowerment that what they can create, contribute and do is valued and important.

Jess - Registered Teacher - BTchg ECE

Hi my name is Jess, Having grown up on a farm, I feel very privileged be working here at Little Einsteins as I love the country environment. I live in Morrinsville with my husband, my son Jack and daughter Georgia. One of my passions in teaching is art. I love finding new and exciting art ideas online and experimenting with them at preschool. In my spare time my husband and I are busy doing up our house and gardens, we love to get our son Jack involved in this as much as possible. I really love learning alongside all of the children at little Einsteins and getting to know all of their families.

Arnika - Registered Teacher - (Btchg ECE)

Hi my name is Arnika. I am so excited to work with your precious babies. I have always wanted to look after children and prior to working at Little Einsteins I have experience as a home based carer for the past 7 years. My passion and strengths are messy play and creating crafts with children. I live with my own two children and love spending my spare time with them and the rest of my family. We spend a lot of time outside doing things like mountain biking, walking, camping and swimming. I also love to decorate cakes.

Rach - Registered Teacher - Btchg Pri (on maternity leave)

Hi, I'm Rachel, and I live in Cambridge with my fiance and children. I am excited to bring my passion for crafts, baking, cooking and waterplay to my work alongside your children in the Kiwi room. I am a fully registered teacher, with most of my experience in Primary school, and I love my focus on Early Childhood. I look forward to getting to know you all!

Jordyn - Registered Teacher - Btchg ECE

Hi, my name is Jordyn and I am privileged to be a part of our amazing Kiwi Whanau. I am a qualified Early Childhood Teacher and love working with under two's. I love watching infants explore and learn through play. I am a big fan of messy play and love exploring the outdoors. I enjoy getting to know our children and Whanau and forming relationships with them. I live in Hamilton, and in my spare time I love to play sport and spend time with my partner Joseph as well as my family and friends. I am a huge fan of netball and rugby/rugby league. I also love holidays and going to the beach. I look forward to spending time with your precious babies and getting to know your Whanau.

Jessie - Teacher in Training - Btchg ECE

Kia Ora, 
My name is Jessie and I am delighted to be snuggling your babies at Little Einsteins.
I have a passion for educating young minds and have been working with children for 8 years. I recently decided after 7 years of not living in Cambridge that it was time to come home and do my degree in early childhood, so I am excited to start learning more and getting to watch your children grow. When I am not at work or studying I enjoy spending my time going to the beach, reading and cooking. I look forward to working alongside you and your children during my time here at little Einsteins. 

How do Kiwis learn?

We as Kiwi teachers understand that the cares and routine times of the infant age group are the perfect time for relationship building, for creating trust, for having fun and rich conversations with our littlest learners. We acknowledge parents and whanau are the experts on their children, and we encourage and facilitate open communication to enable us to know your babies and their individual needs and preferences, so that their care specifically tailored to them.

We keep our room largely un-decorated, knowing that infants can easily become over-stimulated by 'visual pollution', and you will notice it is more homely than class-roomy. Our teachers are qualified and specialist infant teachers that engage in ongoing development to best understand the nature and development of this age group in order to keep up with best practice and provide them with the best care. We have a specialist approach to infant care that is unique to our room and based upon the simple principle of respect. Your baby will be actively listened to, responded to, and loved.

We understand that infants are driven by an innate need to self educate, and simply require us to support their dispositions to be curious and exploratory and ensure that their environment offers them possibilities and opportunities. When we meet their needs by knowing them well, to responding quickly to their cues, and assuring their wellbeing and belonging, they are naturally confident to learn in our wonderful environment!

Tui Team

How Do Tui's Learn?

Our terrific Tuis are moving from being babies to becoming fully active members of society. This is the age of discovering independence, and as such providing our children with a sense of wellbeing and belonging is paramount within our intermediate room giving them the confidence and safety to explore this growing sense of self.

Through watching, listening, copying and lots of trial and error Tui children are mastering so many new skills. Our Tui room is set up specifically with this learning in mind, with ample space and resources providing plenty of time for uninterrupted play and learning. Resources provide opportunity for children to mimic and explore ideas through imaginative play becoming mothers of their own "babies", firefighters on their bikes, or tigers in the jungle enabling them to make sense of the world and their place within it, learning how to work with and alongside others as they play.

Tui teachers are a vital resource themselves at this highly influential age, and pride themselves in role modeling positive social interactions, encouraging language development and literacy through stories, rhyme and song as well as allowing children to copy and try out "jobs" such as gardening, animal care or baking to name a few.

Repetition is key for children of this age so resources and activities are constantly available, many of which utilize the same skills but in different contexts allowing for practice, practice, practice until our now very independent Tuis are ready to start their next journey as Pukeko children.

Minna - Team Leader - Registered Teacher - Btchg ECE

Hi Everyone! I am Minna and I am excited to be teaching and learning alongside your children at Little Einsteins. My husband and I reside in Te Awamutu and are privileged to share life with our two beautiful little girls. With over 8 years of experience and a Bachelor of Teaching (ECE), I really enjoy supporting children with their learning and development at this very fundamental stage. I have a real passion for respectful and nurturing relationships, emotional well being, our natural world and hands on experiences. I look forward to working with you and your children.

Janelle - Registered Teacher - Btchg ECE

Hi, my name is Janelle.  I have been with Little Einsteins almost since opening day.   I live in Hamilton with my husband, my daughter and my baby boy- both of my children also enjoy spending their days at Little Einsteins. I have been teaching almost 15 years and my experience and area of passion is working with toddlers. I love seeing their learning journeys unfold and supporting them along the way. I love being part of the Little Einsteins family and can’t imagine being anywhere else. In my spare time I love trips to the beach where my family and I go for walks and explore with our beagle called Harry. 

Sophie - Registered Teacher - Btchg ECE

Hi, my name is Sophie and I was born and raised in the picturesque southern town of Wanaka, nestled between snow capped mountains and a beautiful lake. In my spare time I enjoy camping, hiking, cooking, and going on road trips with my partner and our dog. Being immersed in nature is my happy place and I feel privileged to be able to work in an environment which provides wide open spaces for your curious little learners to explore. I value building meaningful relationships with tamariki and whānau and see it as such a privilege to share their learning journeys through these formative young years. 

Amanda - Teacher in Training (Btchg ECE)

Kia Ora, my name is Amanda. I live in Morrinsville with my amazing husband, Cuan and my three sons Cullum, Aidan, and Dunte, I am a very bubbly, passionate teacher in training that loves to explore the natural environment with your tamariki! I am so excited to be working at Little Einsteins and I am extremely blessed to be sharing the responsibility of caring for your gorgeous children. I look forward to working with you all and enjoying everything that life has to bring!

Helen - Registered Teacher - Btchg ECE

Hi, my name is Helen. I hail from Papua New Guinea but have been in Cambridge for over 20 years. I am married with three grown sons who no longer live at home, and have one beautiful and very busy wee Grandchild. I am qualified and fully registered, with over 12 years teaching experience in ECE, and I love the natural environment. My passion areas are messy play and arts and crafts, and I enjoy watching the children learn with all of their senses. When not at work, I love to cook, and to spend time with my family. I look forward to working alongside you and your tamariki!

Liz - Registered Teacher - Btchg ECE

Kia Ora Whanau, my name is Liz. After growing up down the road in Putaruru, I recently returned back to the Waikato settling in Cambridge.  My husband Phil and I have been blessed with two inquisitive, curious, active, and nature loving children, Elliot and Hazel who are enjoying the beautiful natural environment and challenges at Little Einsteins. and are building strong relationships with their fabulous teachers. Our family also includes two cats (Bubbles and Gizmo) and two dogs (Sammi and Max).

There are many things that excite me about working in this special environment with your children, including the natural space and the ability for children to learn at their own pace.  I love being involved in creating and enhancing this to provide a challenging yet peaceful place for them.   Some of my passions and strengths are music – I play the ukulele, storytelling and dramatic play.  I love working in this awesome team of teachers who are constantly supporting each other to grow personally and professionally.  Watching your children light up as they make discoveries about themselves and the world  around them, and take the lead in their learning is what makes me tick.  I look forward to knowing you all as you take this important learning journey with us.

Belinda - Teacher in Training - Btchg ECE

Hi, my name is Belinda, and I am part of the fantastic Tui team of teachers.  I have many years experience in Early Childhood teaching, having done this since I graduated school, and have achieved my diploma in Care and Education.  I currently attend Waikato University alongside my work here with your children, to gain my teaching degree.  I have a strength and passion for dance and choreography, and love to use music as a tool to help toddlers express their creativity.   

Rebecca - Teacher in Training (Btchg ECE)

Hi my name is Rebecca, I am covering Janelle's maternity leave position in the fabulous Tui room.  Prior to this I have been relieving with Little Einsteins for over a year.  Alongside my work with your children, I am studying for my Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood.  After working as a Nanny here in New Zealand and overseas for more than 13 years I'm excited to start this new journey with the toddler age group and I enjoy seeing their little faces learning and discovering new things every day.

I live in Cambridge now (although I'm from the Hawkes Bay) with my French husband Bruno and my 2 children Diego and Mya.  I enjoy working with the wonderful Tui team and our very special centre families. 

Pukeko Teachers

Emily - Registered Teacher - Team Leader - Btchg Pri, Grad DipTchg ECE

Emily is a Cambridge girl who enjoys the farm life with her husband and daughter. She is a trained primary school teacher, as well as gaining her Post Grad Diploma of Teaching ECE after having her daughter. Emily loves being in charge of our delicious menu, she enjoys being creative with food and loves a challenge. During her down time Emily enjoys spending quality time with her family, both here in the Waikato and in Taranaki.

Katie - Btchg ECE (Maternity Leave Cover)

Hi I'm Katie, busy mum of three, and part time farmer!  When I'm not working with your children or mine, I am on the farm raising calves, or doing the farm administration.  

I work among the teams as required for support, and am currently enjoying being a Pukeko teacher!  I look forward to meeting you and working alongside you and your children. 

Mel - Teaching Assistant

Hi, my name is Mel and I have lived in Cambridge on and off for most of my life. I live with my partner Ryan and our 2 year old daughter Lily who also attends Little Einsteins. I have my National certificate in ECE and am looking forward to furthering my studies. In my spare time I love to visit friends, listen to music and I can also be found at the beach doing a bit of surfing, fishing and various other water sports. I look forward to working with you and your children.

Ashley - Teaching Assistant

Hi Families, I’m Ash! I’m Canadian born and bred, and have been living in New Zealand for the last 8 years, with my partner Dave, and our almost 4 year old son Mack! I worked at Little Einstein’s for about 3 years before I went on maternity leave, and have been back nearly a year! How could I resist such a lovely place to work! I am very passionate about working with children and watching them learn and grow! I plan to do my study once my big boy starts school. I look forward to meeting all the families and lovely children! 

Ruma Kereru

Colleen - Registered Teacher - Btchg Pri

Hi my name is Colleen, I am a mother to 2 daughters and a stepmom to 2 boys. We are an active family busy with a wide range of sports including surfing, yoga and surf lifesaving. I love a good book, photography and spending time with my family and friends. I am originally from Zimbabwe, immigrating to New Zealand with my family when I was 16. I completed my schooling and worked in the dairy farm in the Waikato before studying primary teaching. I returned to Africa to build and run a small school in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia for children aged 2 - 10 years old. I managed a safari camp while I was there as well as teaching and working as a safari guide. Now a passionate ECE teacher, I love working with all the different age groups watching them explore, discover and create. I especially enjoy teaching children about wildlife and nature, sharing my passion for conservation and sustainability.

Megan - Registered Teacher (Btchg ECE)

Kia Ora, I’m Megan. After working for a number of years in the Horticulture industry I started my Early Childhood career, and realising that this was my passion I went on to complete my Bachelor
of Early Childhood Education.   I have enjoyed learning new knowledge so I can enhance and extend the children within my care. My personal interests include gardening, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. I value the uniqueness each child brings with them on their journey. Having the privilege of being a Playcentre mum with my own three children I value play-based learning. I believe it is important not to rush children’s development, but to enhance it as they move to becoming more independent, supporting children as they master skills and gain confidence in their own abilities. I like to allow the child to lead their own learning as I feel they learn more through following their interests. I look forward to teaching, learning and sharing new experiences with all the Little Einstein’s families.  Arohanui.

Anita - Registered Teacher - BSci - Grad Dip ECE

Hi! My name is Anita and I am a qualified and passionate early childhood teacher. I currently live on a Dairy goat farm with my husband and two children (whom I love spending my spare time with) along with following my interests in animals and the outdoors. I love everything from camping, tramping and gardening to scuba diving - and I've often been referred to as a bit of a 'greenie'! After completing a Bachelor of Science and working in the Dairy research field for six years, I returned to study to follow my passion for children's learning and development, and completed a Post Graduate diploma in Early Childhood Education. I love watching young children exploring the world around them a nd making discoveries for the first time, knowing that I can play apart in fostering these discoveries into real interests and a passion to learn makes me feel like my job is the best in the world!

Support Staff

Karin - Teacher Support

Hi my name is Karin. Originally from South Africa I have been living in Cambridge with my husband Rodney since 2009. I have a teaching diploma in primary education but have spent most of my working years training disadvantaged teachers in Early Childhood education. I am a reliever and work in the preschool area. My passion is for creative activities and I love seeing children express themselves through the arts. It's lovely to see the children so proud of their creations. When I am not at school, I am very involved in the Cambridge Christmas Festival creating decorations for the trees and lovely items to sell. I also enjoy cooking up a storm in the kitchen especially baking. I am a mom to three grown up girls and nana to two beautiful grandchildren.

Rose - Registered Teacher - Btchg ECE

Hi, I'm Rose. I have been relieving at "Little Einsteins" since the beginning of this year. I thoroughly enjoy working here, in this incredible country setting with amazing tamariki, kaiako and whanau, not to mention the array of animals! I have worked in various other early childhood settings, but feel most at home working at "LittleEinsteins", where I am able to walk to and from work. I play the guitar, and love sharing my passion for animals in the work environment. I have a 14 year old son and a wonderful partner, Mac.My favourite activity would have to be walking my lovely chocolate labrador dog called Max.

Gaylene - Teacher in Training - (Btchg ECE)

Kia Ora, my name is Gaylene, I am married to Terry, a mother of four busy children and Nana G to two wonderful grandchildren.

We recently moved to Cambridge and I feel privileged to be a part of the Little Einsteins family.
Having worked with children in the Middle East for a number of years I developed a passion for all things learning and relished the multicultural environments.
On our return to New Zealand I decided it was time to work towards my degree in ECE. I am in my second year of study with Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.
I look forward to working with you and you child here at Little Einsteins.

Van - Qualified Teacher

Hi families!  

I hail from Brazil, where I met my New Zealand partner, and came back to settle with him here in beautiful New Zealand.  I am a qualified primary teacher in Brazil, and NZQA have cross-credited my teaching degree to New Zealand which is very exciting!  I am currently undergoing the registration process to make it official.  I am loving teaching in this country, and getting to know you all.